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University of Sao Paulo Brazil

Elvis Pontes is a full Professor at the University Estácio de Sá, and Adjunct Professor at the Universidade Paulista and at SENAC. He also owns a consulting company in the information technology field that has been running for 17 years. Professor Pontes currently holds an MSc from the Institute of Technological Research of São Paulo, MBA from the Institute of Energy and Nuclear Researches, BSc from the Technological Institute of Osasco, a Technological Degree from the Technological Institute of Barueri (ITB), and is preparing a PhD at the University of São Paulo. Awards include: top student at ITB (among 36 fellows) and at MSc, among the top 5 papers at the ICDIM’11 Congress (University of Melbourne), second best paper at the I2TS’08 Symposium (of 133 papers), and scholarship from the ICDIM’09 (University of Michigan) and ICDIM’10 (Lakehead University). As a result of his research, Professor Pontes was invited to collaborate with the United States Department of Defense. He is also a reviewer for journals and books for Elsevier and InTech.

Elvis Pontes

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E-learning enables students to pace their studies according to their needs, making learning accessible to (1) people who do not have enough free time for studying - they can program their lessons according to their available schedule; (2) those far from a school (geographical issues), or the ones unable to attend classes due to some physical or medical restriction. Therefore, cultural, geographical and physical obstructions can be removed, making it possible for students to select their path and time for the learning course. Students are then allowed to choose the main objectives they are suitable to fulfill. This book regards E-learning challenges, opening a way to understand and discuss questions related to long-distance and lifelong learning, E-learning for people with special needs and, lastly, presenting case study about the relationship between the quality of interaction and the quality of learning achieved in experiences of E-learning formation.

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