Jaime Castillo-León

Senior chemist

Jaime Castillo graduated from the Industrial University of Santander (Bucaramanga, Colombia) with a BSc in Chemistry. He received his PhD degree in 2005 at the Department of Biotechnology, Lund University, Sweden. His PhD work involved the fabrication of electrochemical biosensors for detection of compounds of biomedical importance using cellular models. He currently holds a position as Assistant Professor at the Department of Micro and Nanotechnology, DTU Nanotech, Technical University of Denmark. His research focuses on micro and nanotechnologies for the development of biosensing devices for biomedical applications. A strong focus is currently set on manipulation, characterization and integration of biological nanotubes and nanofibers with micro and nanostructures for the development of bioelectronic sensing devices and drug delivery systems.

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