Mahmut Çalışkan

Istanbul University

Mahmut Çalışkan is a professor of genetics and molecular biology in the Department of Biology at İstanbul University in Turkey. He obtained his first degree, BSc, in Middle East Technical University, Ankara, and attended the University of Leeds, Department of Genetics, England, for his PhD degree. His main research areas include the role of germin gene products during the early plant development and the characterization and biotechnological use of halophilic Archaea.

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Analysis of Genetic Variation in Animals includes chapters revealing the magnitude of genetic variation existing in animal populations. The genetic diversity between and within populations displayed by molecular markers receive extensive interest due to the usefulness of this information in breeding and conservation programs. In this concept molecular markers give valuable information. The increasing availability of PCR-based molecular markers allows the detailed analyses and evaluation of genetic diversity in animals and also, the detection of genes influencing economically important traits. The purpose of the book is to provide a glimpse into the dynamic process of genetic variation in animals by presenting the thoughts of scientists who are engaged in the generation of new idea and techniques employed for the assessment of genetic diversity, often from very different perspectives. The book should prove useful to students, researchers, and experts in the area of conservation biology, genetic diversity, and molecular biology.

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