Stéphane Méric

Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes France

Dr. Stéphane Méric (M\'08) simultaneously gratuated in 1991 from the National Institute for the Applied Sciences (INSA, Rennes, France) with an electrical engineer diploma and from the University of Rennes 1, with a M.S. degree in \signal processing and telecommunications\. He received Ph.D. (1996) in \electronics\ from INSA. Since 2000, he is assistant professor at INSA and in 2005, he joined the SAPHIR team (IETR – CNRS UMR 6164, Rennes). He is interested in using SAR data in radargrammetric applications. Furthermore, he is currently working on radar system (CW, FMCW) dedicated to specific SAR applications (radar imaging in motorway context, remote sensing, MIMO configuration, passive radar imaging). His education activities are about analog electronics, signal processing, radar and radar imaging, electromagnetic diffraction. Dr. Stéphane Méric is co-author of more than 40 conference papers, 10 journal papers and 1 patent. He has been designed as reviewer for national research programs and he get with educational team a teaching department in a engineering school at Oujda, Morrocco. He has been supervising 4 PhD students and currently 4 PhD students.

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