Guy Huynh Thien Duc

Guy HUYNH THIEN DUC is Research Director emeritus from the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique). He started his career in the Pasteur Institute where he prepared his Ph.D in the field of Immunopathology. Thereafter, as researcher in the CNRS, he has been mainly involved in fundamental aspects of Immunology, focusing on Transplantation Immunity and Immunomodulation. In the last two decades, his work at the University Paris XI in the southern of Paris, presently inside the structure of INSERM U-1014 Groupe Hospitalier Paul Brousse – Villejuif, is essentially devoted to Cancer Immunotherapy.

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The Book "Melanoma - From Early Detection To Treatment" is aiming to present data and knowledge from most experienced experts in the field. The book covers main topics from the fundamental aspects to multiple approaches in the disease treatment as well as related features. It offers a global view concerning one of the most frequent types of cancer to which a substantial high proportion of people worldwide is confronted at some time point in life.

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