Enrico Miccadei

University of Chieti-PescaraItaly

Professor Enrico Miccadei is an Associated Professor of Physical geography and cartography at the University “G. D’Annunzio” of Chieti Pescara, in the Department of Engineering and Geology. Geomorphology research interest are on geomorphological and geological mapping, on the study of morphostructures and morphogenesis of the Appenine chain, periadriatic piedmont zone, and coastal zones of the Abruzzo-Molise area and Adriatic islands, and on environmental and applied geomorphology for hazard and risk analysis. His scientific activity is testified by several publications in national and international scientific journal, concerning physical geography, structural geomorphology and environmental geology. In those sectors he has coordinated projects related to the study of radon, river and landslides geomorphology and related risks, geological-geomorphological mapping and GIS in collaboration with Geological Survey of Italy.

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