Wenbin Cao

University of Science and Technology BeijingChina

Dr. Wenbin Cao, Professor in Materials Science, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China, works intensively in two research fields supported by China national research projects. First, he is interested in developing practical, cheap and environmentally friendly methods to synthesize ceramic powders at low cost, including the preparation of SiC powders and whiskers by microwave heating, through which the synthesis temperature and reaction time have been decreased significantly. Secondly, he is focused on the preparation and application of semiconductor photocatalyst. Large scale production of visible light active nanocrystalline photocatalyst under mild conditions has been worked out and some of the developed techniques have been transferred to the industry successfully.

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Microwave heating has found many applications ranging from the microwave ovens in kitchen to heat food, to a sterilization apparatus for medical treatment, to materials processing in the various fields. In those applications, microwave heating demonstrates significant advantages over conventional methods in reduced processing time and less environmental impacts. This book is comprised of eight chapters within three parts highlighting different aspects covering both the basic understandings and the advanced applications. The included discussion on the application of microwave heating in the field of food-, chemical engineering-, agricultural-, forestry- and mineral processing industry will provide a passage for future research. As a monograph, it is designed to be a fundamental reference book, aiming to help the readers to concentrate on the key aspects behind the success in microwave heating.

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