Haitham Sghaier

National Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technology (CNSTN), Sidi Thabet Technopark, Ariana 2020, Tunisia

Prof. Dr. Ir. Haïtham SGHAIER is an Engineer in Biotechnology and Professor (Full) of Radiation and Computational Biology at the National Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technology (CNSTN) in Tunisia. In 2016, he won the TWAS Young Arab Scientist (YAS) Prize. Prof. SGHAIER is the Founding President of the Tunisian Association for Computational Sciences (TACoS) and the Founding Project Chief of the "Joint Research Platform for the Fight against the Emerging Coronavirus (COVID-19)" at CNSTN/BiotechPole Sidi Thabet (from Nov 09, 2020 to Mar 21, 2022) in Tunisia. He has published on bioremediation issues. Currently, he is implicated in various ongoing sequencing projects and databases about Archaea and Bacteria.

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Besides the Introductory Chapter that gives a brief overview of archaeal applications, the present book contains four chapters. The first chapter, by Castro-Fernandez et al., provides an interesting depiction of the phylum Euryarchaeota and its biotechnological applications. The second chapter, by Ben Hania and coauthors, focuses on the promotion of the idea that some specific Archaea are potential next-generation probiotics. The third chapter, by Torregrosa-Crespo et al., emphasizes the main characteristics of biocompounds from haloarchaea and their potential uses in biomedicine, pharmacy, and industry. The concluding chapter, by Mizuno et al., proposes a plasmid curing approach for improving the potential of thermophiles in various biotechnological applications and opens new perspectives on industrial valorization.

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