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Dr. Alexander A. Vitin, MD, Ph.D. was born on March 03, 1958, in Kharkov, Ukraine. He earned his MD degree from Kharkov High Medical School, University of Kharkov, Ukraine in 1981 and a Ph.D. Degree from the same University in 1985. He worked as a Senior Scientist – Physician at the Central Research Laboratories of the University of Kharkov only to become a Critical Care Fellow in 1986 and then the Attending Physician in the Critical Care Department, Kharkov University Hospital & Trauma Center. From 1990 to 2003 he was an anesthesia resident and the Attending Anesthesiologist and faculty at the Department of Anesthesiology, affiliated with Sackler High Medical School, University of Tel-Aviv, Israel. Since 2003 he holds a position of an Attending Anesthesiologist, Assistant Professor, Division of Transplant Anesthesia, Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA.

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Gangrene is the term used to describe the necrosis or death of soft tissue due to obstructed circulation, usually followed by decomposition and putrefaction, a serious, potentially fatal complication. The presented book discusses different aspects of this condition, such as etiology, predisposing factors, demography, pathologic anatomy and mechanisms of development, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology and more. A variety of management strategies, including pharmacological treatment options, surgical and non-surgical solutions and auxiliary methods, are also extensively discussed in the book's chapters. The purpose of the book is not only to provide a reader with an updated information on the discussed problem, but also to give an opportunity for expert opinions exchange and experience sharing. The book contains a collection of 13 articles, contributed by experts, who have conducted a research in the selected area, and also possesses a vast experience in practical management of gangrene and necrosis of different locations.

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