Vung Pham

Sam Houston State University

Dr. Pham is currently an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas, USA. His areas of expertise centered around data visualizations, data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning. He has published one patent, various peer-reviewed journals, and conference papers. Dr. Pham also wrote an NSF I-Corps proposal and executed it as an Entrepreneur Lead. As part of his research development, he won one best paper award, an award in VAST 2018 Mini-Challenge 2, honorable prizes in KDD 2020 Cup and Big Data 2020 Cup challenges, and achieved Spirits of NSF I-Corps award. He is currently working on projects related to analyzing information about climate change. For instance, some projects use data visualizations/data analytics to analyze data collected from soil profiles. Some projects use machine learning/deep learning to predict soil properties (e.g., pHs or carbon storage) from visible and near-infrared (Vis-NIR) spectra acquired from soil profiles. He is also working on projects that use deep neural networks (e.g., YOLO, R-CNN) to solve computer vision tasks (e.g., road damage detection).