Diana Dias

Lusofona University

Diana Dias, graduated in Psychology, specializing in career management at the University of Porto. Her PhD in Educational Sciences dealing with the theme of academic integration in Higher Education culminated entirely in her experience and field work, not only as a teacher, but also as a researcher in the field of Academic Management in Higher Education. She is recognized by the Portuguese Psychologist Board as a specialist in Work and Organizational Psychology. In 2022, she will present Aggregation Exams in Management and in 2017, it accumulates as the aggregation title already atributed at the University of Minho in the specialty of Learning Psychology. Over the course of his career, she has taken on various academic management positions, directing two Higher Schools and coordinating scientifically and pedagogically several Undergraduate, Masters and Postgraduate Degrees, with emphasis on the scientific design and coordination of the Degree and Doctorate Degree in Psychology, as well. as a Licentiate and Master's Degree in Human Resources Management. She was part of the Executive Committee of a Doctorate in Management and scientifically coordinated the Doctorate in Psychology. She was Pedagogical Director at ESAI – Higher School of Real Estate Activities, where she is also President of the Council for Quality Assurance. She was Dean for Research and Academic Innovation at the European University, after 5 years as Vice-Dean. Full professor at Universidade Lusófona, she is Dean of FCESE - Faculty of Economic, Social and Business Sciences at Universidade Lusófona do Porto and Strategic Director of the School of Economic Sciences and Organizations at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologia (Lisbon). She is also a researcher and member of the Scientific Council of CIPES-Center for Research on Higher Education Policies, classified as Excellent by the FCT. She has a vast scientific work published in indexed scientific journals and is the author of several books in the areas of Management, Psychology and Education. Consultant in Higher Education policies, she has been working with several relevant national and international entities, namely, POCH, DGEEC, A3ES, CNE, USA, UNESCO and OECD.