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Dr. Freddy Alberto Monroy Ramírez was Born in Bogotá, Colombia. He is currently a professor at the Department of Physics of the National University of Colombia. He obtained his Doctorate in Sciences-Physics at the same University in the year 2008, with a dissertation entitled “Digital Holographic Microscopy with Phase Objects”, in which he presented an experimental strategy based on holography and tomography for the decoupling of the morphological information and the refraction index contained in a map of different phases, obtained through digital holographic microscopy. In the areas of interferometry and digital holography he has developed various research projects; and currently, his research is dedicated to the development of a tool for palynological characterization through digital holographic microscopy. He has published various national and international publications in the areas of digital holography, digital holographic interferometry, and digital holographic microscopy. He has been a Colciencias referee for many research projects and has directed many Sciences-Physics Master theses in digital holography.

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This book depicts some differences from the typical scientific and technological literature on the theoretical study of holography and its applications. It offers topics that are not very commercial nor known, which will allow a different view of the field of optics. This is evident in chapters such as "Electron Holography of Magnetic Materials", "Polarization Holographic Gratings in Polymer Dispersed Formed Liquid Crystals", and "Digital Holography: Computer-generated Holograms and Diffractive Optics in Scalar Diffraction Domain". The readers will gain a different view of the application areas of holography and the wide range of possible directions that can guide research in the fields of optics.

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