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Marica Gemei, Ph.D., is a research consultant for public and private institutions. She was awarded with distinction a master's degree in Industrial Biotechnology at the Federico II University of Naples and then she obtained a doctoral degree in Molecular Oncology at the European School of Molecular Medicine. She was a research fellow for seven years at CEINGE institute where she became a professional in flow cytometry as demonstrated by more than 30 publications. As an expert, she was invited as a speaker at international congresses to show flow cytometry potentialities. She spent two years in the discovery department of a middle size pharma and now she makes available her experience in flow cytometry, drug discovery assay development, and scientific writing fields for academics and industrials.

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Flow cytometry's informative potential has been underestimated for many years because of a lack of adequate instruments, automation, reagents, and know-how to approach, integrate, and also substitute other techniques giving single information per assay. In the last decade, flow cytometers have become capable of performing high-throughput screening and high content analysis, evaluating tens of different samples' features in a single run up to 1536 formats on multiple cell populations. The introduction of imaging flow cytometry has filled the gap between flow cytometry and conventional high content imaging screening, putting flow cytometry at the center of many laboratories, which can now cover with a single instrument the vast majority of needs in research programs. The flow cytometry community is a multidisciplinary and diversified group with many different interests and fields of action. These characteristics have prompted the evolution of the techniques, applications, and instruments that allow the use of complex, sophisticated, and standardized and reliable flow cytometric assays in academic and industrial programs.

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