Akbar Ali

Government College University, Faisalabad

Dr. Akbar Ali is currently working as Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry, Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan. Previously he worked as Assistant Professor at the Institute of Chemistry, University of Sargodha, Main Campus Sargodha, Pakistan. Dr. Ali completed his PhD in the area of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, in 2017, from Federal University of Sao Carlos (UFSCar), Sao Paulo Brazil & Leibniz institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB) Germany. He completed his Master in the subject of Organic Chemistry from University of Malakand K.P.K Pakistan in 2007 and then his M.Phil in the same subject from Hazara University K.P.K Pakistan in 2011. His research interests include Organic Synthesis, Click Chemistry, Photochemistry, Multicomponent Reactions (MCRs), Drugs Modification and Co-crystals preparation.