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University of Padua

Giulio Timelli is an Associate Professor of Metallurgy and Innovative Metallurgical Processes, at the University of Padua, Italy. After obtaining an MS in Industrial Engineering and a Ph.D., he was a visiting scientist at Jonkoping University, Sweden. In 2006, he was a researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In 2008 and 2011, he won the “A. Daccò Prize” for the best Italian papers on solidification topics. He is the scientific director of several industrial research programs in collaboration with different local and international companies. He is vice president of the Diecasting Technical Group and president of the Light Metals Technical Group of the Italian Association of Metallurgy (AIM). He is a member of the CEN Technical Committee for the development of European standards for aluminium alloys. His research interests include the solidification of Al and Mg alloys, the development of light alloys’ processes, the characterization of Al matrix composites, the development of heat treatment processes for light alloys, and the numerical simulation of foundry and wrought processes.

Giulio Timelli

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Aluminium alloys are among the most interesting materials being adopted for weight reduction and recycling benefits. The increasing importance of aluminium alloys over the years is due to their widespread use and applications in automotive, aerospace, food handling, building, heat exchange, and electrical transmission industries. Their high strength/weight ratio makes aluminium alloys useful for applications where simultaneous high strength and lightness are needed.This book provides a comprehensive review of the design and development of innovative aluminium alloys and composites. Chapters discuss manufacturing processes and applications and are heavily illustrated to make the concepts clear.

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Aluminium Alloys Design and Development of Innovative Alloys, ... Edited by Giulio Timelli

Aluminium Alloys

Edited by Giulio Timelli