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University of Belgrade Serbia

Professor Milica Prostran, MD, PhD, graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia. She obtained a Master of Science degree in cardiology and a PhD in Pharmacology. Professor Prostran, the president of the Pharmaceutical Medicine Section of the Serbian Medical Association, is the Head of Master course in Pharmaceutical Medicine. She is a member of several important governmental bodies. She published over 180 in extenso papers in peer-reviewed journals indexed in CC/SCI, as well as over 50 chapters in books. Professor Prostran serves as a member (and referee) of the Editorial Board of several highly respected international journals as well as several national scientific and professional journals.

Milica Prostran

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This book Clinical Trials in Vulnerable Populations has 12 chapters divided into 4 sections: Minority Patients, Women, Medically Compromised Patients and Clinical Trials. Contributing authors came from several countries, from Serbia to Turkey. The book was edited by Professor Milica Prostran MD, Ph.D., specialist in Clinical Pharmacology. The potential reader is shown a modern approach to clinical trials in vulnerable populations, from different points of view. The chapters deal at length and clarity with their topics. Finally, I believe, that this book I edited and reviewed with dedication will capture the attention of many readers, from medical students to practicing doctors and pharmacists. All of whom must consider this very important field of medicine: clinical trials in vulnerable patients.

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