Peter Leggat

James Cook UniversityAustralia

Professor Peter A. Leggat, MD, PhD, DrPH, FAFPHM, FACTM, FFTM ACTM, FFTM RCPSG, FFTM (Exped Med) ACTM, FACRRM, FSIA, FAICD, FACE, FRGS, ACPHM CMSA, is Head, School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences, and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences, James Cook University, Australia. He is also a member of the 15th Council of James Cook University. In 1990, he completed postgraduate training in tropical medicine at Mahidol University in Thailand and was subsequently named Alumni of the Year in 2006. A former medical officer in the Australian Army, he has previously worked in various Asian countries and holds Visiting Professorships at universities in Australia, South Africa and Thailand. Professor Leggat edits the Primer of Travel Medicine and has published studies of malaria, rabies and other infectious diseases, as well as various studies in travellers' health and occupational health of health care workers. He has been a consultant to the World Health Organization, Department of Defence and the Therapeutic Goods Authority. He was President of The Australasian College of Tropical Medicine from 1996-98, 2002-04 and from 2006-08 and Director-General of the World Safety Organization from 1997-98. A former Fulbright Scholar, he has published more than 400 journal papers and presented more than 300 papers at national and international conferences. Professor Leggat has received numerous awards, including more recently the Surgeon General John White Medal in 2008 and the Australian Medical Association’s E. Sandford Jackson Memorial Medal also in 2008.

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