Riccardo de Asmundis

INFN Sezione di Napoli Italy

Riccardo de Asmundis is a physicist who graduated cum laude from the University of Naples 'Federico II” in 1987, where he is also a contract professor teaching the Electronics Fundamentals course. He is a senior researcher at Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) in Naples and a Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) and Professional Instructor (CPI) for National Instruments. He is a member of international collaborations in high-energy physics, currently for the ATLAS and SND Experiments at CERN; he spent several decades abroad, designing particle detectors and data acquisition systems. Dr. de Asmundis has authored more than 1100 publications in international reviews on topics such as high-energy physics, particle detectors, and photon detectors. He owns his private electronic lab where he renovates electronic equipment for music, such as keyboards, synthesizers, organs, radios, and HiFi systems. He also plays classical piano.

Riccardo de Asmundis

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The LabVIEW software environment from National Instruments is used by engineers and scientists worldwide for a variety of applications. This book examines many of these applications, including modeling, data acquisition, monitoring electrical networks, studying the structural response of buildings to earthquakes, and more.

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