Jelena Kusic-Tisma

Dr. Jelena Kušić-Tišma is currently a research associate at the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, Belgrade. She received her PhD in Molecular Biology from Belgrade University in 2005. Her main research interest includes origin recognition mechanisms during initiation step of DNA replication in higher eukaryotes. She published several articles in peer review journals and is presently a visiting lecturer at the postgraduate studies of the Belgrade University.

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DNA replication, the process of copying one double stranded DNA molecule to produce two identical copies, is at the heart of cell proliferation. This book highlights new insights into the replication process in eukaryotes, from the assembly of pre-replication complex and features of DNA replication origins, through polymerization mechanisms, to propagation of epigenetic states. It also covers cell cycle control of replication initiation and includes the latest on mechanisms of replication in prokaryotes. The association between genome replication and transcription is also addressed. We hope that readers will find this book interesting, helpful and inspiring.

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