Timothy Coburn

Colorado State University

Dr. Tim Coburn is Professor of Systems Engineering at Colorado State University (CSU) and Research Associate in the CSU Energy Institute. His teaching, research, and consulting are focused on the applications of data science and analytics across the energy landscape. Previously, Coburn served as Founding Director, School of Energy Economics, Policy and Commerce at The University of Tulsa, and Founding Director, School of Information Technology and Computing, Abilene Christian University. Prior to his academic career, Coburn worked in various administrative and technical positions in the data science arena at Marathon Oil Company, Phillips Petroleum Company, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. He also held professional externships at Sandia National Laboratory, the US Geological Survey, and the Kansas Geological Survey, and is active in numerous geoscience, engineering, and energy-related professional organizations. He currently serves on the lectures committee of the International Association of Mathematical Geoscientists (IAMG), the education advisory committee of the Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association, and the energy statistics committee of the American Statistical Association (ASA). Coburn is the author of numerous technical and professional publications, and, with Jeffrey Yarus, is co-editor of two prior texts on spatial data analysis: Geographic Information Systems in Petroleum Exploration and Development and Stochastic Modeling and Geostatistics, Vol. 2.