Esther Nthiga

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

Dr. Esther is a Lecturer in the Chemistry Department, School of Science Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. A holder of PhD in Physical Chemistry, master’s degree in Applied Analytical chemistry and bachelor’s degree in B.Ed. Science (Chemistry and Mathematics) from Kenyatta University. She has 15 years’ work experience. She is currently a lecturer in Analytical and Physical Chemistry at Dedan Kimathi University. She is also currently the Director Gender, Disability and Equity affairs at Dedan Kimathi University. She is currently mentoring and supervising postgraduate students in Dedan Kimathi University and other Universities. Actively involved in research in Physical Chemistry, Applied Analytical Chemistry and water treatment. She has published several papers in peer Reviewed Journals and presented in both national and Editorial team in Journal of Food Research, External reviewer for Meru University of Technology. And a member of Kenya Chemical Society.