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Jurij Beguš is currently the project manager for international projects at the Slovenia Forest Service, Ljubljana. In 1982, he completed his forestry studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and in 2002 upgraded his studies with a specialization in forestry techniques. His professional work involves the following issues: forest roads, forest technology, forestry extension, participation in forestry, wood biomass, occupational safety in forestry operations, and forest information systems. He cooperates with several international institutions, such as the Food and Agriculture Organisation of UN (FAO) and the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO). Besides his regular work at the Slovenia Forest Service, he has participated in over twenty international projects and several international missions around Europe

Jurij Beguš

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One of the best ways to improve collective knowledge and practice is through sharing experiences and knowledge between different stakeholders. The idea for the current monograph followed such an approach. The monograph presents six best practice examples from six of the project’s Pilot Action Regions (PAR). It is one of the deliverables of the GreenRisk4ALPs project funded by the EU Interreg Alpine Space program. The project aims to develop decision support tools supporting risk-based protective forest management in the Alpine Space. All main outputs of the project have been tested, improved and operationally applied in the PARs. The monograph is primarily intended for forestry experts, decision-makers at all levels of decision-making and other professionals.

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