Lourdes Miró Amarante

University of Seville

Computer Science Engineer (1999) and Doctor in Industrial Computer Science (2013) by the University of Seville. From 2003, Assistant Profesor in the Computer Architecture and Technology Department of the University of Seville and member of the research group TEP-108: Robotics and Computer Technology applied to rehabilitation, from the University of Seville. Teaching experience of more than 3,500 hours teaching in undergraduate degrees (Industrial Engineering Degrees, Computer Engineering Degrees, Computer Engineering, Technical Engineering in Computer Systems) and more than 200 hours of teaching in online Master's Degree in Computer Engineering and Master in Biomedical Engineering and Digital Health by the University of Seville. I have been part of the process of implementing the Guidance and Tutorial Action Plan of the ETSII, of the University of Seville, being its coordinator (2014-16). Since 2019, I coordinate the Official Online Master in Biomedical Engineering and Digital Health at the University of Seville, and since May 2020 he has been part of the Advisory Group for Pedagogical Support of Educational Technologies and Digital Resources of the University of Seville. Currently and since October 2017, I combine my teaching and research work with management work as director of the secretariat for Teaching Innovation and Digitization at the International University of Andalusia.