Gengsheng Mao

Chinese PLA General Hospital

Mao Gengsheng Chinese PLA General Hospital Third Medical Center Director, Neurovascular Department Director, Institute of Neurorestoratology Chief Neurosurgeon, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor Education Experience Sep. 1981-Jul. 1986 Bethune Medical University, Undergraduate, Bachelor Degree Sep. 1996-Jul. 1999 Bethune Medical University, Postgraduate, Master Degree Sep. 2002-Jul. 2006 Tianjin Medical University, Doctoral Students, Doctoral Degree Professor Mao have won 5 Third Prize of Medical Achievements of Chinese Armed Police Forces(2001-1,2012-2,2014-1,2016-1,2016-2)and 1 Third Prize of Army Science and Technology Progress(2017-1). He have been published 126 papers, including 14 SCI articles. He have accomplished Five national invention utility model patents. He translated 4 monographs as the author, edited 2 monographs as the deputy chief editor, and 1 monograph as the editor. He have been granted a second and third position allowance for excellent professional and technical personnel in the army. He won the third-class merit one time, the outstanding grassroots cadres and excellent grassroots construction advanced units in 2019. He won the award of rear-service/logistics department the Chinese Armed Police Forces one time, and the nomination award of "Bethune good doctor" of the first Chinese Medical Doctor Association. He was employed as vice chairman of the special committee of Neurorestoratology of Chinese Medical Association, executive vice chairman and Secretary General of the special committee of cerebrovascular diseases of Chinese Research Hospital Association, standing committee member of the 10th army neurosurgery special committee, and vice chairman of international society of Neurorestoratology. He have developed the following new work in our center : Large Vessel Occlusion recanalization, chronic internal carotid occlusion (CICAO) recanalization, chronic basilar artery occlusion recanalization, critical neurological diseases, endoscopic hematoma removal, neurospinal, etc.