Anna De Luca

University of Reggio Calabria

Dr. Anna Irene De Luca graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies in 2002 at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Mediterranean Studies of Reggio Calabria and in 2004 she obtained the Advanced Master's degree in Agricultural Economics and Policy at the Center for training in Economics and Politics of Rural Development (Portici, NA) of the University of Naples Federico II. In 2007 she obtained her Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics and Policy. Dr. De Luca has collaborated as a research fellow in various projects at the Department of Agriculture of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria. She has to her credit numerous publications in the scientific field on issues relating to the economic analysis of agricultural and agri-food processes, evaluation of agricultural policies and rural and local governance processes, application of multi-criteria and Life Cycle-based methodologies for the evaluation of environmental sustainability, economic and social of agricultural systems.