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Tomas Kubena, M.D., works currently as head of the Glaucoma Service in Zlin, Czech Republic. He is the graduate of the Medical College at Masaryk University in Brno (1987). Since 1990 he has been engaged in glaucoma and myopia research. He studied glaucoma with Professor G.L.Spaeth at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia (USA) and he is a fellow of Prof. Spaeth. He enlarged his education also in the department of Professor Airaxinen in Oulu (Finland), Professor Kriegelstein in Koln (Germany), and Professor Kessing in Copenhagen (Denmark). He improved the digital planimetry technology of the optic nerve head evaluation and the technology of imaging of retinal nerve fiber layer in a healthy eye and that of glaucoma eye. He presented his findings at the some international congresses: Athens (Greece), Boston (USA), Hong Kong, Taipei (Taiwan) and Hakone (Japan). One of his major concerns- other than medicine- is music- he is an active organ-builder and a local organist as well.

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Since long ago scientists have been trying hard to show up the core of glaucoma. To its understanding we needed to penetrate gradually to its molecular level. The newest pieces of knowledge about the molecular biology of glaucoma are presented in the first section. The second section deals with the clinical problems of glaucoma. Ophthalmologists and other medical staff may find here more important understandings for doing their work. What would our investigation be for, if not owing to the people’s benefit? The third section is full of new perspectives on glaucoma. After all, everybody believes and relies – more or less – on bits of hopes of a better future. Just let us engage in the mystery of glaucoma, to learn how to cure it even to prevent suffering from it. Each information in this book is an item of great importance as a precious stone behind which genuine, through and honest piece of work should be observed.

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