Yan Shao

University of California, Santa Barbara United States of America

Dr. Yan Shao’s academic background covers Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Science & Engineering. Currently, Dr Shao holds a PhD degree (2001) in Materials Science & Engineering from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and BS (1998) and MS degrees (2001) in Chemistry, both from Tsinghua University. He also has postdoctoral research experience with Nobel laureate professor Alan J. Heeger in University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). Besides technical experience in material preparation, characterization, identification, and various electrical and electrochemical measurement methods, Dr Shao also has extensive project management experiences for developing new materials and material systems in both academic and industrial environment. He has already published 20 peer-reviewed journal papers, 8 Invention Patents, 1 book chapter with 1 editor highlight on Science, and multiple presentations in conferences.

Yan Shao

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Currently the research field of electrochemical cells is a hotspot for scientists and engineers working in advanced frontlines of micro-, nano- and bio-technologies, especially for improving our systems of energy generation and conversation, health care, and environmental protection. With the efforts from the authors and readers, the theoretical and practical development will continue to be advanced and expanded.

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