Everlon Rigobelo

São Paulo State University

Dr. Everlon Cid Rigobelo graduated from Agronomy School Universidade Estadual Paulista Campus of Jaboticabal, Brazil, in 2000. He received his MSC. degree in Animal Science Microbiology from the same University in 2002. He obtained his Ph.D in Microbiology and works as researcher at the same University. Rigobelo has experience in genetics, epidemiology and is active in the following subjects: microbial biotechnology, molecular genetics and bacterial genomics. He works with the plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and he previously worked with probiotics strains to reduce the spread of Escherichia coli in animal production. He edited books entitled Probiotic, Probiotic in animals, Plant Growth and Symbiosis.

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Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF), the process by which gaseous N2 is converted into ammonia (NH3) via the enzyme nitrogenase, is crucial for the availability of nitrogen (N) in the terrestrial ecosystem. Some bacteria have the remarkable capacity to fix atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia under ambient conditions, a reaction only mimicked on an industrial scale by a chemical process. This microbiological process converts atmospheric nitrogen into a plant-usable form, thus decreasing the need to use chemical fertilizers in crop production. Chapters in this volume cover different aspects of this fantastic phenomenon, including biofertilizer, organic nitrogen in agricultural systems, nitrogen fertilization for sustainable crop production, and others. This book is designed for researchers, students and general readers.

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