Terry Lichtor

Rush University Medical CenterUnited States of America

Dr. Lichtor is a practicing neurosurgeon. He has a number of research interests, and his brain tumor work is largely focused on the development of a DNA vaccine for treatment of primary and metastatic intracerebral tumors. In particular Dr. Lichtor has shown that vaccines prepared by transfer of DNA from the tumor into a highly immunogenic cell line can encompass the array of tumor antigens that characterize the patient’s neoplasm. Poorly immunogenic tumor antigens, characteristic of malignant cells, can become strongly antigenic if they are expressed by highly immunogenic cells. The introduction of the vaccine directly into the tumor bed of animals with an intracerebral tumor stimulates a systemic cellular anti-tumor immune response associated with a prolongation of survival. It is hopeful that this vaccine strategy will be efficacious in the treatments of patients with brain tumors. Dr. Lichtor is a member of the neurosurgery faculty at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois.

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A dramatic increase in knowledge regarding the molecular biology of brain tumors has been established over the past few years, and this has lead to the development of novel therapeutic strategies for these patients. In this book a review of the options available for the clinical management of patients with these tumors are outlined. In addition advances in radiology both for pre-operative diagnostic purposes along with surgical planning are described. Furthermore a review of newer developments in chemotherapy along with the evolving field of photodynamic therapy both for intra-operative management and subsequent therapy is provided. A discussion of certain surgical management issues along with tumor induced epilepsy is included. Finally a discussion of the management of certain unique problems including brain metastases, brainstem glioma, central nervous system lymphoma along with issues involving patients with a brain tumor and pregnancy is provided.

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