Gaofeng Zhou

Zhongyuan University of Technology China

Gaofeng Zhou is currently an associate professor of electromechanical engineering, and a member of precision engineering research center for henan province. In school of mechatronics engineering, he is teaching some special curriculums in the speciality of mechatronic engineeering, vehicle engineering and mechanical manufacturing and automation. In addition, he has been serving the education and research in the school of mechatronic engineering as a special teacher since september 2012. His major research interests focus on the following directions: mechatronics system design, precision motion control for mechatronics system, detection of mechatronic parameter. He has firstly given a english lecturing for graduate of mechanical engineering in the school of mechatronics engineering. Furthermore, he developed some useful experiments for mechatronics dynamic system simulation and PLC application to help graduate simulate some issues of mechanical engineering. In the course of cultiving graduates, bachelors and students for junior college, he brought forward some available idea and methods. For an example, he said that special teachers should have a tracking idea and plan on cultivating graduate’s basic study method on a given issues, especially when they begin to study how to do a study issue. Of course, he has also authored his academic publications including scientific and technical books, journal papers, conference papers and invention patents. He is also the reviewer of some internal journals or internal conferences—i.e. Sensor Review, IEEE transaction of mechatronics, mechatronics, IEEE sensors journal, and assembly automation. As a researcher or technical manager, he also develop some industrious products with some corporations from China Mainland.

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