Konstantinos Kyprianidis

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I am currently working as Full Professor in Energy Engineering within the Future Energy Center at MDH focused on Modelling and Optimization of Energy Systems. I am concurrently affiliated with Cranfield University as a scholar within the Centre of Propulsion. I am also an Oavlönad Docent in Aero-Engine Conceptual Design and Analysis at Chalmers University of Technology. I hold a PhD in Gas Turbine Engineering from Cranfield University and a Dipl-Ing in Mechanical Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I am the author of EVA, a complex state-of-the-art code for engine/aircraft performance prediction and multi-disciplinary conceptual design. I have received several distinctions for my research including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers “Cycle Innovations Committee Best Paper Award” and the Cranfield University School of Engineering “Arthur Lefebvre Prize”. I am a professional engineer (PEng) and a chartered engineer (CEng) as well as a member of several engineering institutions in Europe and North America. Earlier in my career, I worked as Principal Performance Enginneer and TP400 Steady-State Performance Focal Point at Rolls-Royce Defence (Aerospace) in Bristol. I have also lectured and conducted research at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. I led the team of experienced researchers from across different European universities assigned to the development of TERA2020 (Techno-economic, Environmental and Risk Assessment for 2020). TERA2020 was a university-led and industry-supported multidisciplinary aero engine conceptual design tool developed for over 10 years under the auspices of EU Framework 6 and 7 projects VITAL, NEWAC, DREAM and LEMCOTEC. Working as the leader of the TERA2020 team gave me the rare opportunity to establish close relationships with technical experts from Rolls-Royce UK, Rolls-Royce Deutschland, GKN Aerospace, MTU Aero Engines, Snecma, AVIO, Turbomeca and Airbus.

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Over the past few decades, exciting developments have taken place in the field of combustion technology. The present edited volume intends to cover recent developments and provide a broad perspective of the key challenges that characterize the field. The target audience for this book includes engineers involved in combustion system design, operational planning and maintenance. Manufacturers and combustion technology researchers will also benefit from the timely and accurate information provided in this work. The volume is organized into five main sections comprising 15 chapters overall: - Coal and Biofuel Combustion - Waste Combustion - Combustion and Biofuels in Reciprocating Engines - Chemical Looping and Catalysis - Fundamental and Emerging Topics in Combustion Technology

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