Noor Us Saher

University of Karachi

Dr. Noor Us Saher is intelligent, enthusiastic and active researcher in the field of Marine Biology. She proved herself as a brilliant scientist and a teacher by her remarkable achievements throughout the time, currently working as an Assistant Professor in Centre of Excellence in Marine Biology, University of Karachi. She started her research career in 2002 and after her Ph.D. in Zoology (2008) from University of Karachi, she contributed a lot towards the academics, administrative and research fields. In, August 2007, Dr. Saher has joined the CEMB as a faculty member and involved in various research projects and teaching and research activities of the M. Phil. and Ph. D. scholars. The biomonitoring, pollution biomarkers, biochemical variability and characterization of some enzymes and molecular taxonomy of marine (Decapod crustaceans, Fin fish and Shell fish and Marine Snakes) species are the main focus of her research interest. She is the author and co author of more than 400 various nuclear and mitochondrial including novel genes of Marine species. Dr. Saher has more than 75 National and International research papers in well reputed journals and 4 international book chapters on her credit. She has executed 7 academic and research projects as Principal Investigator and 3 projects as a research officer. She established the Molecular Biology Laboratory in CEMB through NRPU projects and also produced 09 Ph. D. Scholars, 04, M. Phil. Scholars.