Mitsuru Nenoi

National Institute of Radiological Sciences Japan

Mitsuru Nenoi graduated from Kyoto University, Graduate School of Sciences, Japan in 1983, and started his career as a scientist at National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS), Japan. He received a Ph.D from Kyoto University in 1992 for the study on induced accumulation of polyubiquitin gene transcripts after exposure to ultraviolet light and treatment with 12-O-Tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate. In 1991, he stayed at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, USA as a visiting scientist, and was involved in the study of mechanisms for transcriptional regulation of small heat shock genes of Drosophila. Dr. Nenoi is now a Director, Radiation Risk Reduction Research Program, Research Center for Radiation Protection of NIRS. His research interest is radiation biology, especially on the mechanism for gene regulation after exposure to ionizing radiation.

Mitsuru Nenoi

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The industrial and medical applications of radiation have been augmented and scientific insight into mechanisms for radiation action notably progressed. In addition, the public concern about radiation risk has also grown extensively. Today the importance of risk communication among stakeholders involved in radiation-related issues is emphasized much more than any time in the past. Thus, the circumstances of radiation research have drastically changed, and the demand for a novel approach to radiation-related issues is increasing. It is thought that the publication of the book Evolution of Ionizing Radiation Research at this time would have enormous impacts on the society. The editor believes that technical experts would find a variety of new ideas and hints in this book that would be helpful to them to tackle ionizing radiation.

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