Vijay Meena

Borlaug Institute for South Asia

Vijay Singh Meena is currently working as a Project Coordinator (Soil Scientist) at CIMMYT-BISA, Pusa, India. His previous position includes that of Scientist (Soils) at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (Indian equivalent to USDA-ARS). He has worked in various aspects of soil aggregation, carbon management index and carbon and nitrogen sequestration potential under climate resilient agriculture. He identified carbon management index as the key indicator to measure soil degradation in different agro-ecosystems. His research revealed that the application of FYM and vermicompost along with vegetative barrier across the slope are highly effective in sustaining the soil quality. Dr. Meena and his team identified that the combined application of organic and inorganic sources is important in sustaining the productivity of soils and prevent soil erosion. He is instrumental in the preparation and distribution of > 4000 soil health cards to different farmers. Dr. Meena and his team reported that the long-term judicious application of organic and mineral fertilizer positively influenced soil aggregation, carbon distribution, water stable aggregates, maize and wheat yields and reduced the runoff and soil loss (without fertilization) and recommended the dose of fertilizers. The concept of CMI was found to be effective in assessing the best nutrient management practices in sloppy crop lands as it showed significant correlation with yield, runoff and soil loss. The estimation of CMI values of any fertilization management can indicate the soil degradation status quantitatively thus helpful in mitigating land degradation in the hilly agro-ecosystem. He also edited seven Springer books and three Elsevier books on microbes, organic farming and agricultural sustainability. He has received several scholarship and awards during his academic and professional career. In a nutshell, Dr. Vijay Singh Meena is doing an excellent work in the field of natural resources management for sustainable agricultural production. He has accumulated more than 5000 citations in international literature and has a RG score of 40.99.