Fernando Montes-Gonzalez

Universidad Veracruzana Mexico

I obtained my degree in Information Technology from the University of Veracruz in my hometown, Xalapa, which is in Veracruz, Mexico. My degree focused on the study of Information Systems related to the business field. I have some experience in working as an IT technician, as I have done some work of this kind. After having applied to a scholarship from the Mexican government (CONACyT), I did a Master\'s Degree on Artificial Intelligence at the University of Veracruz. After starting my Master\'s dissertation my research interest started to develop, and I participated in a project called Monots (Monkey-Robots). The aim of this project was the simulation of foraging behavior in the Howler Monkey (Alouatta Palliata). And as part of the same project I worked with the Maes\' model of action selection (Behavioral Networks) for carrying out the mentioned simulation. Later, thanks to a scholarship granted by CONACyT, I finished my Ph.D. at the University of Sheffield in the area of Artificial Intelligence. The name of my dissertation was: A Robot Model of Action Selection in the Vertebrate Brain and is related to animal behavior, reactive robotics and neuroscience. Among my research interests is to keep working in the area of AI and neurosciences.

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