Feyza Bhatti

Girne American University, Cyprus

Dr. Feyza Bhatti is a mixed-methods social science researcher with substantive experience and interest in gender studies, particularly focusing on understanding gendered workplaces, gender inequalities, and the social and work experiences of women, men and marginalized groups in developing countries. After completing her BA and MS in economics, she received her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She is currently the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business, director of the Center for Gender Studies, and vice director of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research at the Girne American University, Cyprus.

Feyza Bhatti

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Masculinity Studies - An Interdisciplinary Approach brings together scholarly research on theoretical issues and empirical studies on men and masculinities from different parts of the world. The book reflects the need for future studies that follow interdisciplinary and intersectional approaches, together with profound engagement with feminist and queer studies to understand men and varying forms of masculinities that men learn, embrace and perform at global and local levels. The book will appeal to students, teachers and researchers in social sciences and humanities, as well as professionals, employers and practitioners. It is a vital resource for those interested in theoretical, practical, and cultural issues around men, boys, and gender in social sciences.

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