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Professor Gobopamang Letamo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Population Studies at the University of Botswana. He has worked in the area of sexual and reproductive health, including HIV/AIDS, for 15 years and published extensively on the topic. He has also served as an External Examiner in Population Studies/Demography at Makerere University in Uganda, North West University in South Africa and National University of Lesotho in Lesotho. In addition to working in academia, Professor Letamo has worked with United Nations Population Fund as an Assistant Representative in the Botswana country office where his responsibilities included programme monitoring and implementation for 2 years. Prof. Letamo has also served in various national committees and written peer-reviewed articles submitted for publication in journals of international reputation dealing with issues of HIV and AIDS.

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This book has assembled an array of chapters on the social and psychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS and their impact on HIV/AIDS and related behaviours. The book addresses key areas of HIV and AIDS, including, but not in any way limited to, care-seeking behaviour, adherence, access, psychosocial needs and support services, discrimination and the impact the epidemic has on various sectors of the economy. The book has seventeen chapters; seven chapters deal with social aspects of HIV/AIDS, four with psychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS, and the remaining six chapters with the impact of social and psychosocial factors on HIV/AIDS and related behaviours. The book is an essential reading for academics, students and other people interested in the field of HIV and AIDS.

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