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Dr. Silvano Naretto is Director of the Postgraduate Course in Interceptive Orthodontic at the Department of Interdisciplinary Dentistry, Danube University Krems, Austria since 2003. He received his degree as Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Torino, Italy. His postgraduate studies in Orthodontics were done at the University of Milano, Italy and the University of Conneticut, USA. He also did postgraduate studies in oral surgery at the University of Torino. Finally, he received a Master of Science Degree from the Danube University for his postgraduate studies in „Function and Dysfunction of the Masticatory Organ“. Dr. Naretto lectures extensively in Italy, U.S.A., Japan, Portugal and Canada and serves as a scientific translator and reviewer of books in dentistry. Member of different orthodontic societies, fellow of Orofacial Pain Society and Past President of iAAID he is also part of the editorial board of IJSOM.

Silvano Naretto

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Orthodontics is a fast developing science as well as the field of medicine in general. The attempt of this book is to propose new possibilities and new ways of thinking about Orthodontics beside the ones presented in established and outstanding publications available elsewhere. Some of the presented chapters transmit basic information, other clinical experiences and further offer even a window to the future. In the hands of the reader this book could provide an useful tool for the exploration of the application of information, knowledge and belief to some orthodontic topics and questions.

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