Manuel Arturo Rendón Maldonado

He obtained the title of Philosophical Doctor in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI), Brazil, in 2010. He was a Visiting Researcher at the University of Mälardalen in Västeras, Sweden, in 2020, collaborating with the research group SOFIA. He is a Professor in the Doctoral Program and Master Program in Electrical Engineering at ESPOL - Ecuador. It was Prof. Adjunct at UFJF between 2011-2019. Dr. Rendón is Prof. Associate at UFJF, since 2019 and Leader of the Electromechanical Energy Conversion Group (GCEME),, since 2016. Dr. Rendón since 2019 is the coordinator of the Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Laboratory - LAPHE at UFJF. He has supervised more than 30 students and published numerous articles in various areas of research. Prof. Rendón has coordinated several research projects over the past 10 years. During this period, the following projects stand out: Test bench and hybrid-electric propulsion laboratory in partnership with EMBRAER and FAPEMIG, Modeling and simulation of unmanned aerial vehicles, Development of management and control techniques for hybrid aircraft propulsion applications . He is currently involved in an initiative to transform GCEME and UFJF into a technological development hub in the area of ​​hybrid-electric and 100% electric propulsion for aircraft. It is developing cooperation with the Institute of Aeronautics and Space IAE and with the Brazilian Air Force FAB.

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