Federico Casolo

Mechanical engineer (general construction engineer) in charge of the Polytechnic of Milan since 1983, first as a researcher, then as a professor of Applied Mechanical Engineering (ing.ind / 13). He held courses in Applied Mechanics in Machines and Biomechanics at the Polytechnic of Milan and at the University of Parma. His current academic role includes, in addition to courses in applied mechanics, also a course of Mechanics of human-machine systems within the doctoral school of the Polytechnic. The main research sectors he deals with mainly refer to biomechanics and mechatronics: the main applications concern artificial limbs for amputees, systems for the rehabilitation of disabled people and sports equipment. He also worked on mechanical systems for household appliances and for the handling of aggregates. He had the opportunity to deepen his studies in the field of biomechanics as a visiting scientist (following a CNR-NATO competition) at the Biomechanics Laboratory of Pennsylvania State University, which he attended for one year (under the guidance of Prof. P. Cavannagh). From 2000 to 2004 he was president of the Tecnical Group on Computer Simulation, organ of the International Society of Biomechanics. Currently he is a member of the Mechanics Department, a mechatronics department and is part of the Faculty of Systems Engineering. Regarding the other institutional positions covered by his role: for two terms he was elected a member of the Board of the Polytechnic of Milan and a member of the extended Academic Senate. He is a member of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Milan.

Federico Casolo

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The book reveals many different aspects of motion control and a wide multiplicity of approaches  to the problem as well. Despite the number of examples, however, this volume is not meant to be exhaustive: it intends to offer some original insights for all researchers who will hopefully make their experience available for a forthcoming publication on the subject.

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Motion Control Edited by Federico Casolo

Motion Control

Edited by Federico Casolo