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Richard (Yanhuai) Ding, Ph.D. Work: 8508 Flanders Drive, San Diego, CA92126 Home: 6203 Schindler Drive S, Monmouth Junction, NJ08852 Phone: 413-687-1061(cell) U.S Citizen, yrding@gmail.com SUMMARY With over 20 years’ work experience including protein purification, process development, technology transfer, scaled-up/scaled-down, process validation, viral clearance, IND/BLA filing support, commercial production trouble-shooting; developed many innovative, robust, efficient, cost effective, and scalable processes with proven success record from large molecules (biosimilars, mAbs, bispecific, Fc-fusion proteins, enzymes, vaccines from bench to commercialization (from microbial fermentation to mammalian cell culture based); with managerial experience (project planning, proposal preparation and review, tech report preparation, managing and mentoring people), regulatory filing, and oral presentation in national and international conferences. • Strong technical expertise in downstream process development (chromatography, membrane based separation, TFF, viral clearance, tech transfer…) from bench to cGMP manufacturing • Rich experience of managing a downstream PD, MSAT and MFG teams for multi-project development scale-up, manufacturing support, and commercial production trouble-shooting. • Strong technical and strategic contributions to multi-disciplinary and cross-functional project teams to ensure efficient and timely completion of deliverables • Key player of CMC team in cell line development, upstream, downstream, analytical, MSAT, MFG, regulatory, and quality for both early and late stage of programs • Strong CDMOs/CROs management experince • Good experience in PC and PV (e.g., PPQ, buffer validation at large scale, trouble shooting for deviation • Good knowledge of GMP and CMC regulatory requirements such as ICH, EMEA, and PDA (14-65) with CMC regulatory documentation submission (INDs) • Versatile experience for technology development, system mature model, matrix (planning and scheduling for department equipment, resources, proposal review, and non-lab work time tracking) • Highly motivated and passionate team player and quick learner with good interpersonal skills and excellent work ethic Invited speaker, chairperson, facilitator, panelist, and/or co-presenter for conferences since 2017 • Viral clearance design and strategy, March 2017 BPI West, SF, USA (Speaker) • General Considerations for Viral Clearance, Viral Safety and Viral Clearance Summit, Oct 2017 Charles River Laboratories (Speaker) • Disruptive Downstream Technologies, Jun 2018, CBI Conference, a division of UBM America’s • Speed to IND for Biologics, Oct 2018, CBI BioProcess Conference (Speaker) • Strategic CMC approaches for mAb purification process development and manufacturing, Mar 2019, Festival of Biologics, San Diego, CA, USA (Session Chair and Speaker) • Implementing ‘Manufacturing by Design’ (MbD) Strategy for Accelerated Commercial Biologics Manufacturing, Aug 2019, 11th Annual The Bioprocessing Summit 2019, Boston (co-presenter) • Biomanufacturing meeting, Proventa International, 28Oct2019, San Francisco (facilitator for a round table discussion for CEX mixed mode resin application, one of panelists for digitalization and AI in Biomanufacturing application) • Effective CMC Strategies for Downstream Process Development And Manufacturing Under An Accelerated Timeline, Mar 2020, Festival of Biologics, San Diego, CA, USA (Session Chair and Speaker) • EDUCATION: Ph.D.: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Waikato, New Zealand M.Sc.: Microbial Physiology, Zhejiang University (former Zhejiang Agriculture University), Hangzhou, China B.Sc.: Microbiology, Northwestern University, Xi’an, China PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AnaptysBio, Inc. San Diego May2018–date, Director, Downstream PD, MSAT, and MFG operation • One of key chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) team members for project evaluation, contract assessment, person-in-plant for manufacturing (MFG) pilot and MFG campaigns • Provide valuable suggestions to upstream development (USP), downstream Development (PD), analytical development (AD), manufacture science and technology (MSAT), MFG, quality control (QC), and quality assurance (QA) • Oversee and manage CDMOs for multiple phase I/II and phase III projects for process characterization (PC), process validation (PV), viral clearance (VC), pilot, ENG, and GMP production • Providing scientific advices for process design, scale-up, gap analysis, failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), in-process control (IPC), and regulatory filing (i.e., IND, IMPD). • Reviewing study protocols, plans, reports, MBRs, deviation investigation, and Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) • Being an invited speak, chairperson, and panelist in three bioprocessing and manufacturing conferences Thermo Fisher Scientific, Princeton, NJ Aug2016-May2018 Principal Scientist, Group Leader  Led multiple (up to 5 projects): Fc-fusion proteins (MND: Motor neuron disease or ALS: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ),biosimilars (mAbs: autoimmune disease), and other large molecules (cancer) from either batch or perfusion bioreactor to pilot and/or manufacturing scale.  Led VC, technology transfer (TT) and GMP MFG support for multiple projects  Closely working with USP, AD, QA, QC, MSAT, and MFG to implement new technology such as single pass TFF, automation/continuous chromatography, high-throughput.  Supervised team to generate a SOP for in-process stability study  Site lead: system mature model (SMM) for Technology Development  Voice of Customer from multiple project: 8/10 (NU1), 8/10(VT1)  Management: > Supervising a group of two direct reports (B.Sc. Ph.D) > In charge of department dashboard, micro-scheduler, and matrix update > Proposal review member for new project evaluation Therapeutic Proteins International (Adello Biologics), LLC, Chicago, IL, Apr 2015-Aug2016 Sr. Manager, Head of Downstream PD • Head of DSP team of 6 members including 2 managers, 1 Sr. scientist and 3 junior scientists to develop downstream process for biosimilars (G-CSF, PEG-GCSF and humira) • Managed and supported PC, buffer validation, PV, TT, and PPQ campaign for G-CSF • Led late stage PD activities such as range finding, resin reusing, in-process stability and DS freeze and thaw study, membrane sizing and compatibility study, microbial retention study…) • Led PD, MSAT, and MFG teams for the PPQ campaign success • Led PD, MSAT, and MFG teams to generate SOPs for large column packing, column, and equipment cleaning validation • Reviewed protocols, study plans, MBRs, BOMs, Forms, Deviation, CAPA, and reports for process characterization, resin reusing, filter capacity determination and validation, cleaning validation, PPQ, and process comparability study • Trouble-shot for MFG issues (large column packing qualification failure, atypical elution peak investigation, truncated pooling strategy, documentation error correction...) Patheon Biologics, Princeton, NJ, July 2012-April 2015 Sr. Scientist, • Developed a novel purification process and scale-up for gp140 protein production for HIV vaccine. • Developed and scaled-up for Collagen 7 production for Epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica (EBD) treatment for customer. • Provided scientific justification for deviation root cause analysis of viral filtration scale-up issue • In charge of viral clearance validation study for both early and late stage trials • Work closely with USP, AD, MSAT, MFG, QC, and QA. • Mentoring intern and junior staff • Earned 6 GREAT Awards for the outstanding achievements ImmunoGen. Inc., Waltham, MA Aug 2010-Jul 2012 Sr. Process Engineer, Technical Leader (Left due to change in business focus) • Developed, optimized, scaled-up, tech-transferred two mAb projects from 2L to 500L scale of cGMP facility in CMOs (IMGN853 and IMGN529) • In charge of CMO operation GMP production and built knowledge base system (e.g., mAb purification development strategy; scale-up model; viral clearance; process validation) • Authored documents: Study plan / proposal/protocol/batch records/raw materials / buffer recipes/sampling plan / writing reports; PFD / PTD; cGMP data trending / statistical data analysis/acceptance criteria determination, and summary reports) for toxicology studies • Responsible for 'Freedom of Operating” for internal IP protection purpose. • Managed a team of 2 scientists (B.S/Ph.D.) Lonza Biologics Inc., Hopkinton, MA Sept 2008-Aug 2010 Scientist, Group Leader • Responsible for multiple TT projects (Vaccine, EPO-PEGylation, biodefence product-Anthrax antigen…) • Participated scale up from bench (10L), pilot (100L) to GMP scale (1000L). • One of the leads for PC for a vaccine process • Documentation preparation / review, timeline / schedule planning, daily coordinating with USP, QC, AD, MTS, MFG and clients. • Root cause analysis for CHT large column packing failure • Assisted for IQ/OQ/PQ for new Suit 7/8 • Managed 2 scientists (B.S/M.S) Shire HGT, Cambridge, MA Jan 2007-Aug 2008 Scientist, Group Leader • Supervised 3 scientists (B.S/M.S) as well as 5 additional scientists on the project based for three GMP batch failure investigation from Elaprase™, identified the root causes of batch failure and provided scientific justification of CAPA, provided scientific evidence for post-approval improvement, prevented drug shortage to patient. • Conducted experimental designing (scaled-down model), timeline and schedule planning, report preparation/write / review, daily coordinating and supervising, master batch record and SOP preparation for Elaprase™. • Performed resin reuse and viral clearance validation study from VPRIV for Phase III and BLA filing Altus Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cambridge, MA Nov 2005- Jan 2007: Staff Scientist • Established protein purification process of oxalate decarboxylase from bacterium and oxalate oxidase from yeast, respectively • Optimized 10L fermentation, unfold/refold, crystallization, cross-link process: scaled-up from 10 mg scale to 100 g/batch, report prep, tech transfer, documentation to CMO • Qualified SDS-PAGE by silver staining method for assay 2003-2005: Sr. postdoctoral Associate, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Protein purification and proteomic study in electron transfer chain from Geobacteria. 2001-2003: Postdoctoral Associate, The Pennsylvania State University • Protein purification and characterization from a novel FMN protein family • Proteomic study of M. thermophila 07/1993-08/1993: Visiting scholar-Dept. of Biotechnology, Kansai University, Osaka, Japan 1988-1995: Lecturer, Dept. of Biology, Liaoning University, Shenyang, China, Taught microbiology AWARDS: • CEO’s Rockstar award in 2019, Anaptysbio • Annual award for outstanding achievements in 2018, AnaptysBio • Award for supporting and coaching PD and MFG team members for GMP compliance and G-CSF PPQ campaign, 11Dec2015, TPI (Adello) • Six GREAT awards from outstanding achievements between 2012 and 2014, Laureate/Gallus/Patheon Biologics • OneShire Excellence performance award in Shire Pharmaceuticals in 2007 • Annual excellent achievement award in Altus Pharmaceuticals in 2006 • The 2nd place award of outstanding graduate student research by New Zealand Microbiology Society in Cairns, Australia, 2000 • The 2nd place award by Chinese Science and Technology Society, Shenyang, China. 1992 TRAINING COURSE: • Process validation and continued verification, Kenx, 20May2020 • Leadership training: Patheon Biologics, June, 2017 • Effective technical writing for technical documents & regulatory submissions, Communication Partner, TPI, Chicago, 23Jan2016 • Leadership training, Lonza, Hopkinton, January 6 and 20, 2010 • DOE/QbD training, Lonza, Hopkinton, November, 2008 • TFF training, PALL, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, November 7-8, 2008 • cGMP training, University of Rhode Island, October 6-10, 2008 • Foundations of Leadership, Center for Creative Leadership, Rensselaer, CT, March 25-27, 2008 • Stepping up to Manager, Shire Pharmaceuticals, November 13-14, 2007 • Protein purification workshop (Amersham), Hamilton, NZ. September 1999 PUBLICATIONS: • Ding YH & Marino M, CMC considerations for continuous bioprocess design, development and manufacturing, A Chapter for the Book ‘Bio-processing, Bio-engineering and Process Chemistry in the Bio-pharmaceutical Industry – Using Chemistry, Biochemistry and Bioengineering to Improve the Performance of Biologics” (To be published in 2021 by Springer-Nature Publishers, New York, NY-USA) • Ding YH, Marino M, Zen K, Sheffer J, Almaguer N, Caddy K, and Praseuth A, Considerations for mAb bioprocess and manufacturing validation, Pharmaceutical Technology, 44 (8), p31-36, Aug2020 • Ding YH & Marino M, Points to Consider for Continuous Downstream Bioprocess and Manufacturing, BioPharm International, 33 (8), p22-26, Aug2020 • Ding YH, Marino P, and Kumar H, Antibody Purification Process Development and Manufacturing, BioPharm International, 32(12), p24-29, December 2019 • Ding YH, Marino P, Praseuth A, Sheffer J, Zen K, and Kumar H, Due Diligence for Accelerated Biologic Drug Development and Manufacturing, BioPharm International, p4-11, Apr 2019 • Ikechukwu IC, Chen G, Ding R (YH), Shave E, Kang JJ, Kang YK, Development of Purification for Challenging Fc-Fusion Proteins, BioPharm International, Volume 30, Issue 10, 01Oct2017 • Ding YH, Hixson KK, Aklujkar MA, Lipton MS, Smith RD, Lovley DR, Mester. 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