Jesús Servando Medel-Matus

University of California Los Angeles

Dr. Jesús Servando Medel-Matus obtained his PhD degree from the Institute of Neuroethology of the Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico. His postdoctoral training was at the Department of Pediatric Neurology, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Presently, Dr. Medel-Matus is a researcher at UCLA. He has received academic and professional honors by the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), the University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC-MEXUS) and the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE), and he is member of the National System of Investigators in Mexico (SNI I). His research interests are the mechanisms of neurobehavioral comorbidities of epilepsy, such as depression, ADHD, anxiety, autism and TBI. He has been exploring how inherent vulnerabilities in monoaminergic circuits translate in neurobehavioral disorders associated with epilepsy. His most recent studies include the role of gut microbiome in epilepsy. Furthermore, he has published numerous scientific papers and has been a speaker in international conferences related to neuroscience; he is continuously invited to contribute as reviewer of scientific articles.