Vincenzo Auriemma

University of Salerno

Vincenzo Auriemma, born in Italy, holds a bachelor\'s degree in sociology at the University of Salerno and a Ph.D. in sociology at the same university. He developed new techniques for empathy analysis in the relationship between sociology and social neuroscience. He is an expert in the history of sociological thought, neurosociology, institutions of sociology, and general sociology. He carries out transdisciplinary studies based on the relationship of sociology with other sciences in the investigation of empathy on both individuals and groups, in order to investigate whether it is a culturally constructed or genetically given aspect. He currently works as a postdoc research fellow at the Department of Political and Social Studies of the University of Salerno. He is the scientific director of the National Passa la Palla Network, which deals with combating bullying and cyberbullying, and is a member of both the Italian Association of Sociology (AIS) and the Sociology of the Person (SPe). He is part of a research group that focuses on the analysis of dropout in psychotherapy as a methodology of transdisciplinary research between the University of Cassino and the University of Salerno and a member of a research group that studies the well-being of patients and healthcare personnel at San Giovanni di Dio e Ruggi d\'Aragona University Hospital, an affiliate of the University of Salerno.