Vijay Avin Balaji Ragunathrao

University of Illinois at Chicago

Vijay Avin Balaji Ragunathrao, Ph.D., is currently an assistant professor (research) in the Department of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine, University of Illinois Chicago, USA. He received his Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the Department of Biotechnology, Kuvempu University, India. His Ph.D. thesis emphasized the chemo-preventive effects of herbal-based drugs and small molecule inhibitors in the inhibition of angiogenesis. Dr. Ragunathrao began his postdoctoral career studying the vascular pathobiology of the lungs at the University of Illinois Chicago. Currently, his research focuses on the Signaling of GPCRs and tyrosine kinase receptors to induce tumor angiogenesis. He has published several articles in high-impact journals. He is also a reviewer and editor of various scientific journals. As an independent researcher, his interests include tumor angiogenesis and lung vascular homeostasis.

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