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University of Macerata

Roberto Scendoni is a medical doctor specializing in legal medicine. In 2022, he received a national scientific qualification as an associate professor in the Italian higher education system of forensic and occupational medicine. He is currently a researcher (MED/43) at the University of Macerata (UniMC), Italy. He is also a consultant for forensic autopsies and external examinations, personal injuries, attempted murders, personal identification, and medical malpractice. His research interests include forensic medicine, forensic anthropology, forensic toxicology, and healthcare management. He has authored/co-authored many journal articles and is an editorial board member for PLOS One. Dr. Scendoni has participated in many national and international training events as a speaker and organizer.

Roberto Scendoni

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Forensic medicine is a scientific discipline characterized by continuous evolution due not only to progress in medical knowledge but also to changing juridical and social requirements. This book analyzes the state of the art and the most interesting lines of research in forensic medicine, laying the foundations to explore new perspectives in multiple disciplinary sectors. This book collects several themes to create a practical tool of knowledge for experts in the discipline as well as young and emerging researchers.

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Forensic and Legal Medicine State of the Art, Practical Applications and ... Edited by Roberto Scendoni

Forensic and Legal Medicine

Edited by Roberto Scendoni