Abraham Landa

National Autonomous University of Mexico

He is a Master and Doctor of Science from UNAM, he did his post-doctorate at the Harvard University School of Public Health and his sabbatical at the Tufts University in Boston. He began his career as a teacher at the Faculty of Medicine UNAM in 1992, as an assistant in the subject of Biochemistry and Molecular biology to later be the owner of it. Is currently Full Professor "C" of T.C Definitive. It is Level “D” of the PRIDE and Level III of the National Research System. Academic-administrative positions: Representative of Postgraduate Tutors in Biological Sciences (2003-2006), in Biological Sciences (2003-2006), Member of the Review Commission of Nonconformities of the Personnel Performance Bonus Program Academic (PRIDE, 2002-2005), Secretary of the Mexican Society of Parasitology (2010-2011), Member of the Technical Council of the Faculty of Medicine (2006-2013) and currently a Member of the Judging Commission Research and Postgraduate Program CAABQyS of the FES-Iztacala (2015-1017). Awards and distinctions won the Scholarship awarded by the McArthur Foundation (1988-1989), Second place in the IV Parasitology Prize "Lola and Igo Flisser" 1992, the "Gabino Barreda" medal for his Doctorate in Science studies, 1997 and the medal "Nayarit for Scientific and Technological Research in 2001". Contributions and Scientific Productivity His research has been directed to the study of the molecular biology of Cestodes, especially of Taenia solium. He pioneered cloning and characterization of cestode genes and participated in the Consortium that carried out the university megaproject of the Taenia solium genome and three genomes more than cestodes that resulted in a 2013 publication in the journal Nature. He has obtained with collaborators from the Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry and from UAM the first crystal and inhibitor for a protein in cestodes (Cu / Zn superoxide dismutase), developed a recombinant antibody that inhibits triose phosphate isomerase. Has characterized the 3 glutathione transferases (24, 25, 26 kDa) that form the main system of detoxification and has contributed knowledge about the regulation of transcription, the foregoing has allowed reasonable knowledge of the cestodes and the diseases they cause. As a result of your work scientist has 58 publications, 12 book chapters, plus 2 books. Teaching and Training of Human Resources: Has taught since 1991, 30 courses and topics at the Postgraduate level. He has also directed 30 undergraduate theses, 9 Master's, 1 Specialization and 9 Doctorate. Almost all of his students PhD students are active researchers in Mexico and abroad. Doctor Landa is an active participant in conferences, as a member of committees tutorials, professional degree examinations in all programs of Postgraduate of the UNAM.