Mojca Frank Bertoncelj

University Hospital of Zurich Switzerland

Mojca Frank Bertoncelj, MD, Ph.D., is a group leader of the research team Protective Tissue Factors in Autoimmune Diseases at BioMed X Institute, Heidelberg, Germany, developing 3-D models of human synovium and exploring molecular mechanisms of resolution of inflammation in chronic inflammatory diseases. She holds a doctorate in Biomedicine at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, serves as a guest lecturer at the University of Primorska, Slovenia and is a VTIS society mentor for young talents in life sciences. She is a winner of BioMed X’s innovation boot camp and a recipient of the Walter-Siegenthaler Medaille in Silber for arthritis research. Before joining BioMed X, she was a junior group leader of the Integrative biology of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases team at the University Hospital Zurich/the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Mojca Frank Bertoncelj

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Fibroblasts - Advances in Inflammation, Autoimmunity and Cancer presents recent advances in understanding the roles of fibroblasts and mesenchymal stem cells in tissue homeostasis and the development of human disease. The book delves into general principles of fibroblast and mesenchymal stem cell biology and their diversity across the human body. It highlights these cells’ unique and shared characteristics across organs (e.g., vasculature, kidney, joints and exocrine glands) and specific pathologies (e.g., tissue damage, inflammation, fibrosis and cancer). A particular focus is set on the roles of fibroblasts in disease chronicity, recurrence, progression, therapeutic resistance and utilisation of the advancing knowledge for developing new therapeutic approaches within and beyond disease boundaries.

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Fibroblasts Advances in Inflammation, Autoimmunity and Ca... Edited by Mojca Frank Bertoncelj


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