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Prof. Dr. Nikolay Serdev, MD, PhD is a renowned cosmetic surgeon. He has trained hundreds of doctors globally in minimally invasive aesthetic surgery and medical procedures as well as in his author techniques.  He is the creator of Scarless Serdev Suture® lifts of face and body and pioneer in many other mini-invasive cosmetic surgery techniques: ultrasound liposculpture of face, body and leg elongation and beautification; T-excision and columella sliding in rhinoplasty; non-surgical body contouring; and their combination with his own suture to facial rejuvenation, beautification and tissue volumising. He is also a world authority in ultrasound-assisted (VASER) body contouring and has trained doctors from around the world in its basic and advanced techniques. Dr. Serdev is Honorary professor at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia and director of its program of qualification in Aesthetic Surgery. He divides his time between his clinic, the University and short travels for international meetings, live surgery demonstrations and hands-on courses in countries of all continents. He is editor and author of several comprehensive textbooks in the field of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, including Liposuction, Sutures Lifts on Face and Body Areas, Thread vs Suture lift techniques, Rhinoplasty and has authored many chapters in aesthetic surgery and medicine books, as well as original papers in medical journals.

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Liposuction is the first cosmetic procedure to change beutification surgery from open extensive excision surgery into a more atraumatic closed one. It gave rise to the modern understanding of minimally scarring and minimally invasive surgery and changed the understanding and preferences of both patients and doctors. It also became the most common procedure in cosmetic surgery world-wide, practiced by an increased number of physicians from various specialties. The techniques of fat grafting, closely bound with liposuction, have found widespread application and fat stem cells seem to be changing the future of many areas in medicine. Turning the pages, the reader will find a lot of information about advances, tips and tricks, as well as important milestones in the development of the different methods available, such as classic, power, ultrasound, laser and radio-frequency assisted liposuction etc. Most useful anesthesia techniques are described and discussed, and guidelines have been established for medical indications. Special attention is paid to good patient selection, complications and risks.

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