Ayman Amer Eissa

Menoufia UniversityEgypt

Professor Ayman Amer Eissa received his BSc in 1986, and MSc in 1992, both from Minoufiya University, Egypt. He received his PhD from Martin Luther University, Germany and Minoufiya University, in 1999, and completed fellowships in biosystems engineering and quality control in Germany, in 2007. Professor Amer Eissa previously served as the Director of the Center of Marketing Service, Minoufiya University, and is currently teaching food process engineering at the same University, as well as food process engineering at the Department of Agricultural Systems Engineering, College of Agriculture and Food Sciences, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. His research is directed at machine vision processing and the development of different package systems and transportation for food products. Professor Amer Eissa has authored and co-authored of over 40 Journal articles, and more than four books. He has served as a member of different honorary societies in food engineering ,and is a technical reviewer for most journals in the field. He also supervises of

3books edited

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This book conveys many significant messages for the food engineering and allied professions: the importance of working in multidisciplinary teams, the relevance of developing food engineering based on well-established principles, the benefits of developing the field by bringing together experts from industry, academia and government, and the unparalleled advantage of working as globally as possible in the understanding, development, and applications of food engineering principles. I am delighted to welcome this book to the Series and I am convinced colleagues from all parts of the world will gain great value from it.

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