Adriana Ferreira

Federal University of Bahia

Ms. Ferreira obtained her Chemistry Bachelor, Doctor and Master in Analytical Chemistry from the Federal University of Bahia - UFBA. Currently, at UFBA, she is an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Department of Environmental Engineering and a Faculty Member of the Masters in Environment, Water and Sanitation and the Management and Regulation of Water Resources. In addition to coordinating the Laboratory of the Department of Environmental Engineering, she serves as a technical manager of the Metrology laboratories at SENAI-BA and coordinates the environmental laboratories, her focus is on Spectroscopy (metal analysis) and General and Inorganic Chemistry (physical-chemical). Still at SENAI, she is also a coordinating proficiency testing provider involved in laboratory volumetric calibration. She has experience in the technical area of chemical tests on environmental samples, management of proficiency testing, chemical metrology and volumetric calibration. Dr. Ferreira is developing her research in the area of quality and water monitoring.